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Jared Christensen is a Mortgage Banker that J. Thomas Homes has partnered with for years and we recommend him as a knowledgeable and trustworthy lender. There are many local and online lenders, but we encourage you to talk with an experienced local lender like Jared who be able to answer all of your questions and who really cares about seeing your family in your new home. Also, Jared will not overestimate what you can afford, causing stress at loan-closing time and putting your earnest money at risk.

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Jared Christensen

5 Steps to Financing Your Dream Home

By Jared Christensen, Mortgage Banker

  1. Find the Right Lender: Work with a trusted local Mortgage Banker who has years of experience and hundreds of loans behind them. You’ll have expertise and an advocate working for you instead of just an order-taker or online program that isn’t personally invested in seeing you in your new home. 
  2. Be Credit-Worthy: Work with your seasoned Mortgage Banker to review your credit report with you and follow suggestions to improve your credit so you can qualify. Do this as soon as you begin looking for a home or even earlier, so together you can work to correct any issues that will prevent you from qualifying for your home loan.
  3. No Big Purchases! After your Mortgage Banker has pre-approved you, DON’T open new credit cards, buy cars, or make big purchases on your credit before your home loan is closed. If you substantially alter your credit between the time you prequalify and close on your loan, you may not still qualify to borrow the original amount.
  4. Don’t Overextend Yourself: Listen to your Mortgage Banker and buy a home that will still allow you to have a comfortable lifestyle, with a monthly mortgage that won’t put undue stress on you and your family.
  5. Live Happily Ever After! Enjoy your beautiful new home without worries, knowing your loan, title and insurance were properly handled by professionals that care about you.