When you’re considering what builder to use, make sure you ask them about their policies on these 4 important details:

New home construction in Utah1. Financing

It’s best to make sure you can qualify to build before you get your heart set on it.  It’s heartbreaking to make all the exciting decisions and visualize yourself in your new home and then find out you won’t be approved for financing.  So the best first step to take when the idea first enters your mind is to visit a loan officer.  Getting pre-approved is a quick appointment that won’t cost you anything.

When choosing a loan officer, there are many good options—get opinions from friends and family on someone they have used and liked.  J. Thomas Homes has a fantastic preferred lender in Cache Valley that is always honest and straightforward with his clients.  Trent Dagley with Absolute Mortgage at 435-752-5676 will do a great job.  Giving him, or anyone else you’ve heard good things about a call is a great start to the homebuilding process.

At  J. Thomas Homes, we finance 100% of your construction loan!  Getting approved for a construction loan can be difficult, as the bank requires you to put down 20%, plus you have to pay interest on the loan during the building time.  With J. Thomas Homes, just let us worry about all that, and then when the house is finished, you’ll just close on the long term loan.  Simple, painless and hassle-free. 

2. Location

After you’ve been approved, the next step is to think about where you want to live.  Do you want to be close to friends or family, live in a certain school district, be a short distance from work, live in a more rural setting…what is important to you?  Once you pinpoint an area you prefer, you can start looking for lots.  You can look at new developments, or just find a lot that fits what you’re looking for.  The best way to see what’s out there is to contact a realtor, who will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.   Again, references are a great way to find a good realtor, or you can contact the preferred realtor of J. Thomas Homes, Steve Krambule at 435-764-2614.  Steve is extremely knowledgeable about new construction and all the developments and lots for sale in the valley and will work hard to find the best lot to fit your wants, needs and budget.

Some builders only build on lots they own, or in their developments, but J. Thomas Homes has options for everyone.  We have fantastic lots in our own developments: Smithfield Ridges (on Smithfield’s east bench), Wildercrest (at the top of North Logan’s bench), and Sterling Ridge (in Wellsville at the mouth of Sardine Canyon).  And if none of these works for you, J. Thomas Homes is willing to build on any other lot that you find.  So if you decide to build with us, getting the perfect location will be no problem!

3. Plan

When you have a lot picked out, it’s time to find the perfect house plan.  The internet is a great resource to start looking at all different kind of plans and narrow down what’s important to you.  For example, do you prefer a 2 story home, or do you like a rambler with a basement?  Do you need the bedrooms all together, do you want a large kitchen, is a piano room important, or do you really want a mud room?  Consider making a list of needs and wants.  First, find plans that fit all your needs, and then narrow them down to the ones include the most of your wants as well.  Buying a plan from the Internet can be pricy however.  You will need to purchase the plan and then it will still need to be adjusted by an engineer to meet the requirements of your state.

Another option is to get a good idea of what you like and want in a plan online, and then you can either visit a drafter to custom design your plan, which again, can be costly, but worth the investment if you are very particular about what you want.

The most cost effective option and the one we suggest visiting first, is to look at the house plans builders already have available.  This means the plans are all ready to go, and that these homes have been built before, so there will be no surprises and extra costs that come up.  Most builders have a wide variety of plans in different styles and chances are, if you know what you want, when you start looking through builders’ plans, you will find one that’s very close.  The best part is, if you find a builder’s plan you like, you can go walk through that exact home that has already been built.  That way you can see how everything turns out, instead of just having to try and visualize it in your head.

J. Thomas Homes has a great collection of plans that is growing every day.  You can preview all our new home floor plans on our website.  We will make every effort to be sure that you can walk through one or more finished homes to make sure you can picture the plan perfectly and be sure you’ll love the way it turns out. 

4.  Style, Finishes and Colors

This part of the process can either be fun and exciting, or quite stressful.  Even before the house starts going up, you’ll have to start making decisions about how you want it to look.  On the exterior do you want brick, stone or stucco?  What color do you want it to be painted?  On the interior, do you want a clean, contemporary style, or do you like the more homey, rustic feel?  Do you want wood floors or tile?  What appliances do you like?  There are so many decisions to be made and again, the internet is a good resource.  Look at different kitchens, bathrooms, and great rooms.  Decide what styles you like and what colors you like put together.  We also suggest driving around different neighborhoods to find stone or brick and paint combinations that work well together.  Then when you choose all your finishes from little sample pieces you won’t be as surprised by how it turns out—you’ll already know it will look great.

At J. Thomas Homes, we pay for you to meet with a professional designer.  Laura Midgley with Creations West, will get to know you, your personality and what you like, and incorporate that into her suggestions.  She will help you with each decision to make sure all the selections will look good together, and that it will be a reflection of you and your personal style.

Building a home is such an exciting step and we at J. Thomas Homes wish you the best of luck.  We would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss more about our building process and how we can make your dream home a reality.  Call Steve today at 435-764-2614!

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